Frequently Asked Questions

    Jack Russell Terriers are smart, loyal, cute, and fun - but they have a tremendous amount of energy.  With this in mind, we encourage you to visit the JRTCA website ( and participate in a Profiler Questionnaire.  This is not a pass or fail test, but a guide to help you understand more of what's involved in owning a Jack Russell Terrier.
Remember, this breed is not for all people and maybe your busy home life, work hours, outdoor activities are not ideal for ownership of a JRT.

    Although most people want a young puppy, it is recommended that an older puppy (5 mos & up) or an adult is best if you don't have the time to housetrain, leash train, give them house manners, etc.   And, older pups/adults normally have all of their vaccinations.

    Don't think that the last pup in a litter is of poor quality.  A quality breeder might hold back the best puppy for themselves, looking for a replacement hunting/show/breeding terrier.  At some point, the breeder might decide that the pup is not what they were looking for and offer it to a new home.  Plus, the older pup has had a reasonable amount of training from the breeder.

    A quality breeder tests all of their breeding stock.  Even, if you just want a pet or working terrier, who will be spayed or neutered, its parents should have been tested.  The health tests are:  PLL (Primary Lens Luxation) and SCA (Spinocerebellar Ataxia), DM (Degenerative Myleopathy),
HU (Hyperuricosuria) these are genetic diseases that we have tests for.  Also, all breeders should CERF Test annually and BAER Test (one time only)

    If you previously owned a JRT and it has died, please don't go on a search for an identical appearing terrier.  If you find one, that terrier is NOT going to be the one you lost and you might be disappointed.  Each terrier is an individual.

                                IS A JACK RUSSELL TERRIER FAMILY ORIENTED?
    The Jack Russell Terrier gets along very well with members of the family.  They exhibit a gentle,loving and fun nature and is usually friendly with small children providing the child understands how to properly play with the terrier.  The Jack Russell Terrier will not tolerate abusive behavior, so parental guidance is highly recommended around children under the age of six.

If you own small pets such as cats, rabbits, rats, etc., you might want to reconsider a Jack Russell Terrier.  They have been known to either injure or kill animals due to their natural hunting instincts. Some Jack Russell Terrier puppies are brought up with a cat, but this doesn't mean that sometime down the road the terrier won't turn on the cat.  Don't be duped into a false sense of security.  There is a "honeymoon" period of sometimes many years before mishaps occur.

                             DO JACK RUSSELL TERRIERS NEED A FENCED YARD?
    You must have a securely fenced yard.  Remember, you are dealing with one of the most flexible dogs on the planet!  It doesn't matter if a Jack Russell Terrier is kept in a front or back yard, the perimeter needs to be secured because this dog will find its way out.  We've seen a large JRT go through an opening that is 3 3/4" wide.  JRTs are more prone to getting killed by cars because they chase anything that resembles quarry - squirrel, cats, leaves, paper, etc.   It is not recommended to allow your terrier off leash.

                                         DO JACK RUSSELL TERRIERS SHED?
    There are three types of JRT coats:  Smooth, Broken and Rough and they all shed.  The smooth
coat sheds all year round (and sheds the most), the broken & rough coats shed the least.  It is
important that you brush your terrier on a regular basis to remove the dead hair.

    It is recommended that if you already have one dog (no matter the breed), that your new jrt be the opposite sex.

    Glenwood is not involved with any other breed.


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